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  • Participated in the horticulture field of ICT fusion modeling project in 2014
  • Development of monitoring system for abalone farm in Jindo


  • Developed and commercialized Dodam x2, an ICT fusion environment control system.


  • Participated in IT fusion complex modeling project in the field of agriculture and fisheries (21 farms in Jeonnam)
  • Development of Module Replacement Real-Time Embedded Board (LITPV210)
  • Certified promising small business


  • NA-EUN General Hospital Patient Information System Development
  • Registered DROIBOX trademark
  • MOU with Techno Park 3D Convergence Business
  • GS E & C develops site access control system
  • Development of industrial embedded board (LIT35X-CTU Ver.2)


  • ISO9001 certification
  • Selected as a patented company
  • Development of industrial embedded board (LIT35X-CTU Ver.1)


  • Signed MOU with ZYYX in Japan


  • Development of industrial embedded board (LIT27X-CTU Ver.2)


  • Development of industrial embedded board (LIT27X-CTU)
  • Certified as a component material company
  • Innozy Certification
  • Company affiliated research institute certification
  • Corporation conversion


  • Gwangju Metropolitan City, Linux Haiti signed MOU with K-eng Co., Ltd.
  • Venture Business Certification
  • Home server prototype development


  • Selected as a developer of new product development based on open software


  • Developed Home Gateway (LIT-GW1)


  • Established LINUXIT

About Us

Linux Haiti started in 2001 as an industrial embedded board business.
Currently, we are expanding our business as a company specializing in developing low-power, real-time embedded based remote control and environmental monitoring system.
We have various patented technologies such as network system, integrated control system for home appliances with the design and technology development of ARM Cortex-A and Cortex-M board,
It can provide optimal embedded solutions required by the specification in various industrial fields such as IOT, smart home, smart grid, smart farm, and smart factory.

– Venture business
– Innobiz Corporation
– Company specializing in parts and materials
– Patent Star Corporation

Based on the low-power ARM processor-based embedded board design and manufacturing technology, Linux Haiti Co., Ltd. has developed IoT core, IoT Gateway, Sensor Node, Actuator Node,
We have developed / possessed SBC (single board computer).
Based on these accumulated technologies and products, we have developed and supplied products in various fields such as IoT, Smart Factory, Smart Palm, and Smart City. – Embedded board manufacturing technology

– Embedded system S / W development technology
– Application S / W development technology
– Network Protocol Application Technology

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